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  • Provide peace of mind.
    Increase Enrollment.

  • Access. Choice.
    Completion. Purpose.

  • Increasing enrollment,
    yield and retention.

What Is LRAP?

LRAP Association provides a powerful response to every student and family who questions whether your college is worth it.

LRAP helps you confidently articulate and demonstrate your institutional value. All while helping you reach your strategic enrollment, retention and revenue goals.

Our program allows you to assure students of their freedom to dream and follow their passions and highest ambitions, both on campus and after graduation.

LRAP helps you meet your enrollment goals

  • Grow Enrollment and Improve Yield

    Do you lose students to fear of educational loans and debt? LRAP provides peace of mind, and a safety-net for students and families.

  • Boost Retention and Graduation Rates

    LRAP helps you reiterate your commitment to student success and graduate outcomes. Change the conversation from cost to value, and turn your students and alumni into raving fans.

  • Support Your Mission and Bottom-Line

    Help more students pursue their passions on campus, while preparing to make a positive impact on the world after graduation. Your stakeholders and budget will thank you.

Featured Case Studies

  • Offering LRAP for Incoming Students

    Following two years of declining enrollments, Spring Arbor University (SAU) achieved an 18.2% increase in freshmen enrollment by providing LRAP to all freshmen. When projected retention is factored in, along with the multi-year benefit through graduation, SAU is in line to experience an additional $640K in revenue in the first year and yield $4.4 million […]

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    Offering LRAP to a Defined Group

    The financial aid season is a veritable showdown among competing institutions. Ability to pay and willingness to pay have become two very different considerations. While marketing emphasizes value propositions, enrollment teams, having done their best with conventional aid packages, remain unaware of what recruits are actually thinking. By the time they find out, it may […]

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  • Securing Low-Yield, Low-Discount Students

    LRAP can help you in many ways this year, specifically if your strategic goals are to: Increase enrollment. Lower discount rate. Increase net revenue.   A trifecta that could very well secure your strategic goals, both this year, and in years to come. Consider this data from Corban University: Corban offered LRAP to a group […]

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    Last-Minute Saves

    Objective #1: Increase enrollment Faced with declining enrollment, one client university signed up to use LRAP in late May, received training in June, and decided to offer LRAP to low-yield target groups: Transfers (non-deposited) Freshmen (on the fence, financially)   The results were incredible. They secured an additional 17 students, using LRAP’s proven success to […]

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  • If it had not been for LRAP, I know for certain I would either be at a different school or working a dead-end job right now.

    - Stacey, LRAP Student
  • It’s every college student’s dream to land a meaningful job after graduation, one that utilizes their strengths and education. Repaying student loans adds significant pressure, and we want to provide our students and families with peace of mind.

    - Dr. Sheldon C. Nord, President, Corban University
  • Numerous conversations with students confirmed that the LRAP was the decisive factor in their decision to attend, even in the face of large scholarship offers from other prestigious schools.

    - Stephen Yandle, Former LRAP Administrator, Yale Law School