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What is LRAP?

The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) is a safety-net provided by colleges and universities to help ease the increasingly necessary burden of educational loans.

LRAP offers peace of mind to:
  • Students, who recognize the value of attending their first-choice college, but fear the consequences of debt.
  • Families, who are concerned about loans and their student's financial future success after graduation.

LRAP empowers students to enroll and graduate from their first-choice educational institution, confident that student debt will not stand between them and their dreams after graduation.

The promise to students is simple: "if your income after graduation is modest, we will help you repay your student loans." By providing this peace of mind, LRAP Association strives to protect the foundations of higher education - enhancing affordability and access.

How LRAP Helps

Much of our national conversation these days focuses on the affordability and accessibility of a college education. Students want to pursue their highest ambitions, without the burden of crippling debt.

LRAP changes the conversation from cost to value. Colleges and universities want to help students attend their first choice college, and enable them to consider careers in public service. Institutions recognize that many graduates feel forced to choose between pursuing their calling or settling for a well-paying career outside their area of interest, merely to pay back their student loan debt.

LRAP ensures that students can be confident in their decision to pursue a college education, and empowers them to choose courses of study that will lead them to meaningful jobs and careers after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LRAP, and how does it work?

“LRAP” stands for the “Loan Repayment Assistance Program.”

Colleges and universities provide LRAP as a safety net for students and families, and a tool to empower their passions and success after graduation, assuring them that those loans will not prevent them from following their dreams. If a student’s income after graduation is modest, LRAP helps them repay their loans.

LRAP covers all loans certified through your financial aid department, including:

  • Federal loans
  • Private alternative loans
  • Parent PLUS loans
  • Institutional loans

How do I sign up?

LRAP is provided to incoming students, similar to a financial aid award, and is not something students can apply to receive after enrollment. Each college and university using LRAP sets their own criteria when deciding which students to offer enrollment in the program.

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  • Being able to send our girls to college seemed financially impossible. However, by using the LRAP, our anxieties have eased and we can focus on supporting them with confidence.

    - John, LRAP Parent
  • The LRAP alleviated a lot of worries about repaying loans after college and allowed me to transfer earlier from my community college to the private college I wanted to attend.

    - Felicia, LRAP Student
  • LRAP was definitely a deciding factor in our decision. I hate that our son has to have student loans at all, but LRAP gives me a lot more peace of mind, knowing he has this program as a safety net.

    - Susan, LRAP Parent